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  1. Yeah, that's a worry for me, still i have a couple of months to play with. If worst comes to worst I just go home I suppose, that might be a blessing in disguise, since my state pension becomes payable this year, and reestablishing UK residency might be good in the long term, 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Thailand I can live with. It's gonna be weird going back to a country I haven't seen in like 15 years. Wonder what the flight costs will be in this brave new world.
  2. It's weird, the longer this goes on, the more likely the place will become a desert, and lose all its charm; which is down to the ladies, at the end of the day. Anyway, I'm scheduled to return in January sometime. It will be interesting to see how things have changed. I'm Thailand resident by the way, so this is a domestic journey.
  3. Best of a bad job, if you ask me. Give it 5 years, we'll see, if I live that long. Bloody mess from the start, you don't take a country in a different direction based on a 50% plebiscite. That leaves a lot of unhappy people
  4. Then I guess it's mostly posturing on Spain's part, why would they want to import another separatist problem. With such widespread public support for maintaing the British relationship, I guess it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. But my question is what do we gain by this? N.Ireland, Scotland, Wales, I can understand; like you want to maintain influence on your immediate borders (cf. Russia and the Crimea, the US and Cuba, or China and Tibet, just to give a few examples that spring to mind), but some island in the mediterranean that lost it's strategic importance to the, now, non-existent Brit
  5. Every cloud has has a silver lining, and for the natural world, covid 19 has been a bit of a godsend. In fact, from Mother Earth's point of view, it can't go on long enough. If I didn't know better, I'd say this was an immune response to parasites.
  6. Yeah, the reaction has been pretty weird, I guess eventually someone will sit back and realise the cure is worse than the disease. No doubt we will lose a few pensioners, and health services will be overwhelmed. Life ain't perfect, never was.
  7. Do we need Gibraltar? I can understand the Falklands, like natural resources and all that, but Gibraltar; Napoleon died a long time ago, is the mediterranean really of any significance?
  8. Yeah, got an X ray. Turns out everything is fine, as I suspected. My two big worries were a fracture and cancer, being a two pack a day man. Just age I think, things take longer to heal. And bruised ribs are a <deleted>, even in the prime of life. I know, I'm titrating, The weird thing is that in certain situations, like in hospital (I spent a few weeks in there with a strange tropical diseaase) or working, I have no problem. Just boredom I guess.
  9. Who was it that said after 40 every man gets the face he deserves.<deleted>, I just keep getting better.
  10. The words "rat" and ""sinking ship" spring to mind. I'm half Irish, and I must admit getting an Irish passport has crossed my mind, just for the visa free travel thing. In fact, going back in time, when I was as fit as <deleted>, when it was a toss up between the Royal Marines and the Foreign Legion, that guarantee of French citizenship was pretty tempting; unfortunately life, in the sense of a woman, intervened, and I went a totally different course.
  11. Sheet, this is getting a bit too close to home for comfort.Still, I've survived many diseases - mumps, measles, you name it I've had it, not to mention dengue fever and some other weird tropical disease that took my hearing, hopefully a bit of that resilience still resides in this 65 going on 66 body.
  12. I just start wearing my going home clothes, stuck in the wardrobe for 11 months of the year, good to give them an airing every now and then, and I might actually make it back one day. As to surviving 9c in Thailand, well it's true the blood thins when you've been here for a while, in a non air conditioned environment, still, remembering scraping ice off the bedroom windows, and my father getting the old coal fire going in the morning, puts things in context a bit. I used to be rather proud of my ability to withstand cold weather, not "nesh", as they say where I come from.
  13. The ducking stool is called for, methinks. The real question is does he have a cat or a toad as a pet.
  14. There's a movie that explores this issue, albeit to a more extreme level, "Containment" I think it's called, free on You Tube and worth a look in these Covid19 lock down days, if you're at a loose end and feel the need for some slightly relevant divertissement.
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